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DCTC CSP Solutions could provide both thermal and electricity. The solar concentrator could be installed on top of park and facilities. With heat storage design, the CSP system could work for 24 hours....

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Deputy director of the National Energy Bureau ZhenShanJie and Supervision director TanRongyao researched Lanzhou Dachen Technology Co., Ltd in Lanzhou new district solar thermal industrial park
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  In the morning of January 13th, 2016, the deputy director of the national energy administration Zheng Shan Jie, ,supervision director Tan Rong yao followed by national energy board market supervision director Xiang Hai Ping , deputy director of the division of judicial and institutional reforming system ,He Gang , deputy director of market supervision department Huang Shao zhong, with other four people, consisting of team, investigated in Lanzhou Dachen Technology Co., Ltd in Lanzhou new district solar thermal industrial park. This team was also accompanied by Gansu provincial development and Reform Commission Director Zhou Qiang, director of the Provincial Energy Bureau Meng Kai, , Lanzhou mayor Yuan Zhanting, Lan Zhou Jiao Tong University president , Yang Zijiang, vice president Liu Zhenkui .
  During the expedition, deputy director Zheng shan Jie , supervisory director Tan Rongyao visited the high-temperature heat collecting vacuum pipe production line, listened to the report on the innovation and industrialization of science and technology from the professor Fan Duo wang, who is the chairman of Lan Zhou Da Chen company . They also studied in the field of t solar thermal research on manufacturing and large-scale production of the company, and the photothermal grid connected power system situation. they also learned that the company to declare the first national batch of solar thermal power generation demonstration project by the Gansu Province to recommend, introduced DunhuangDaChen 110MW (50MW x 10MW+2) solar thermal power project technical route and listened to progress of the frist -stage project of 10MW project in Dunhuang.