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DCTC CSP Solutions could provide both thermal and electricity. The solar concentrator could be installed on top of park and facilities. With heat storage design, the CSP system could work for 24 hours....

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Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Co., Ltd. (LZDCTC) was established in 1998. Company started to research on Concentrated Solar area since 2009, base on the advantage of solar vacuum coating equipments. Now company keeps on research in the Concentrated Solar Thermal area. Company built CSP (Concentrate Solar Power) Demonstration Park and key components product lines in China. Now LZDCTC has become one of the very few CSP vendors that could provide not only the key components of CSP system, but also the whole solar thermal power systems. The LZDCTC 200kW Parabolic Trough and Linear Fresnel CSP Power project has generated electricity in May, 9th, 2012, which is the first similar CSP system that generated electricity and connected to the grid in China.